Monoblok FEAT SIXTINE Neighbourhood WatcH [CastleOfTone01]


01 Neighbourhood Watch (Original Mix)
02 Neighbourhood Watch (K-Effect & Parissior Remix)
Neighbourhood Watch (Laptop Kid Remix)
Neighbourhood Watch (CTRL+STOP Remix)

Label: Castle Of Tone

Release date: 5th July 2021

Release info: "Two years ago, my neighbours and close friends’ ten-year-old kids asked me to show them how electronic music was made.
A few days later, I took Sixtine and Nathanaël on a tour of the studio, and in a matter of minutes, they were having loads of fun getting their hands on a Monotron and a Korg MS1. We ended up recordings chunks of crazy noise, along with some sort of private joke related lyrics that Sixtine proudly spoke into a microphone.
At the end of the day, both kids were delighted and proud to have their parents listen to their own two-minute-long electronic track, and I realized that it had been a while since I hadn’t had that much fun in the studio.
This session with the kids came as a refreshing experience at a point when my music making had become way too much serious. It enabled me to take a step back, completely rethink the way I worked and most importantly breathe some joy back into the studio.
Then came COVID-19 and long quarantine weeks that gave the lyrics a completely different meaning and compelled me to rework the track, extend it, give it a proper structure and start planning a release.
Today I am finally able to deliver this track in the form of an EP, along with three brilliant and very personal remixes by like-minded artists and close friends, making this release a friends & family affair all the way."

Monoblok’s original is a catchy electro track with hints of synthwave, and there’s a freshness to it that makes it perfect to hit the dancefloors this summer.

K-Effect and Parissior’s remix takes the indie dance vibe of the original a little further with a powerful synthwave-meets-electro interpretation driven by a strong rhythm section and carefully crafted synth lines, while Laptop Kid ventures frantically into breakbeat territory, distorting the original bassline in the meantime to most dramatic effect.

Ctrl+Stop closes the deal with a no holds barred rework revolving around robotic vocals, dirty textures and uncompromising electro beats. This one is definitely tailored for the dancefloor.

Mastering by K-Effect, coverart by Hazel

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