Counterraism Guest Mix 235: MONOBLOK | JULY 2022

Counterraism Guest Mix 235: MONOBLOK | JULY 2022


01 Plaid "Do Matter" [Warp Records]

02 Monoblok "Rotoscope" [ODD Pleasures]

03 Andre Bratten "Trommer Og Bass" [Correspondant Music]

04 Floral Resources "Oil Panic" [Tech Startup]

05 Duncan Gray "Kickintrusion (Monoblok & PSLKTR Remix)" [Blindetonation]

06 MUGWUMP "No Trepidation (Vox Low Remix)" [SUBFIELD)

07 Marching Machines "Holograma (Damon Jee Remix)" [Espacio CIELO]

08 Scratch Massive "Closer feat. Chloé (Mmyylo Remix)" [Feinstoff]

09 GLOK "Pulsing (Citadel Version)" [Bytes]

10 DALFIE "Outlaw" [Pets Recordings]

11 Celestino "They Look Brighter Tonight" [NEIN]

12 Ducati Flux "Monomachine" [Ombra International]

13 Que Sakamoto "Kamakura (Vyvyan Remix)" [Not An Animal Records]

14 Master Margherita & Ermetico "Campana (Digitalis Remix)" [Blue Hour Sounds]

15 Black Light Smoke "That's My Yes" [Scissor and Thread]

Hosted by : Counterterraism

Recorded on : 10th July 2022

SXDNS204 // Monoblok | MAY 2020

SXDNS204 // Monoblok | MAY 2020


01 Zombies in Miami "Soleil" [Riotvan]

02 Rebeka Warrior "Ich Komme Zurück" [Lumière Noire]

03 Kiwi "Suicide Pact" [Days of Being Wild]

04 Autarkic "Heavy Dreamer" [Life and Death]

05 Dissemblance "Capture" [Mannequin]

06 Aurum Miles "Don't Touch My Synths (Kuunde Doesn't Stop Sleep Mix)" [ESTHÉTIQUE]

07 Fkclub "Superamerica" [Astro Lab Recordings]

08 Kalipo "Wunderbar (MUFTI Remix)" [Hold Your Ground]

09 Kimshies "Banoffee" [Nein Records]

10 Silicodisco "Rattle and Hum" [Ombra International]

11 Roe Deers "June" [Duro]

12 Fabio Me Llaman Soltero "Secreto Infiel" [CrowHunt Records]

13 K-Effect "Sextant (Moo Moonster Remix)" [Roam Recordings]

14 Drugface "Dragonfly (Iñigo Vontier Remix)" [Party Central]

15 Hino Bros "Club Sampler (Fausto Remix)" [Nein Records]

16 Andrem "Sphinx (Monoblok Remix)" [Beat Boutik]

Hosted by : Sexy Dinosaur From Outer Space

Recorded on : 2nd May 2022

Monoblok DJ Set & Live Jam @ Moog Analogic Bar | May 2019

Monoblok DJ Set & Live Jam @ Moog Analogic Bar | May 2019


01 Cabaret Nocturne "Blind Trust" [Rotten City Records]

02 Teniente Castillo "Wormhole Till 6 AM (Theus Mago remix)" [Play Pal Music]

03 INFECTICIDE "Bagarre generale" [Atypeek Music]

04 Craig Bratley "Obsession" [Tsuba Records]

05 Did Virgo "Show Me" [La dame Noir records]

06 Teniente Castillo "No Deal To Seal (Rigopolar Remix)" [Play Pal Music]

07 Monoblok "untitled acid jam" [unreleased]

08 You Man "Tranquilo" [Nein Records]

09 Fringe Society "Daggers In The Sun" [ESTHÉTIQUE]

10 Bufi "Ritmoculto" [electrique music]

11 Sutja Gutiérrez "I’m Wild, Oh I See ( Theus Mago & Id!r Remix)" [Headman / Relish]

12 Pechino "Tamburi Neri" [Optimo Music]

13 Monoblok "untitled electro jam" [unreleased]

14 Principleasure "Hexagonal Dab" [Principleasure]

15 Amato "Trois Machines" [Pinkman]

16 Date with Elvis "Let's Work Your Magic (Fkclub Remix)" [La dame Noir records]

Recorded on : 25th May 2019

Monoblok @ Moog Analogic Bar | FEBRUARY 2019

Monoblok @ Moog Analogic Bar | FEBRUARY 2019


01 Odd Parents "Fame Feat Mp (Catz N Dogz Martin Dawson Freaky Friday Remix)" [Ellum]

02 Bufi "Máquina del Ritmo (Jackson & Mago Mix)" [Duro]

03 Gabriel Ferreira "Catharsis" [Ninefont]

04 Durand "Fripoli (Balam Remix)"[ESTHÉTIQUE]

05 Curses "So Strange" [Wrong Era]

06 Cannibal Ink feat. Dawad "Smoking Shit" [Days Of Being Wild]

07 Remote "4 Money" [Gouru]

08 Arthur Johnson "Perfect Stranger" [Les Disques de la Mort]

09 Soul Mekanik "APMV" [Wonk Music]

10 Duncan Gray "Kickintrusion (Monoblok & PSLKTR Remix)" [Blindetonation Records]

11 Tkuz "Calor De La Noche (Kezokichi Version)" [Blindetonation Records]

12 Gameboyz "Tacon Puntera (Avanti remix)" [Rotten City Records]

13 MontCosmik "J'ai Vos Dents" [Dogs & Vultures Records]

14 Curses "Looking In" [Wrong Era]

15 Theus Mago "Erotic Polymorphic Experience" [Roam Recordings]

16 Clapman "Clapman (TVP Dub)" [Party Central]

Recorded on : 8th February 2019

Monoblok @ Le Grand Sud, Lille | October 2013

Monoblok @ Le Grand Sud, Lille | October 2013


01 Vosper & Bozzwell "Music For the Lost and Dead" [Throne of Blood]

02 Remote "Minos" [Meant Records]

03 Vosper "Losing Control" [Meant Records]

04 Carreno is LB - Monster Truck (Hiem remix) [Days Of Being Wild]

05 Crash Course in Science "Flying Turns (Carreno is LB edit)" [FREE EDIT]

06 Rodion & La Royale "Chamorro Tomorrow" [Astro Lab Recordings]

07 Chloé "Smash (Phil Kieran remix)"

08 Los Lopez, Clyde "Are You A Lesbian? (Monoblok & PSLKTR Remix)" [Days Of Being Wild]

09 Headman "Be Loved (Daniel Avery's 'Divided Love' Remix)"

10 Club Bizarre "La Mort du Petit Cheval"

11 Eskimo Twins "Akashic (Red Axes Remix)"

12 Vosper "Release" [Meant Records]

13 Remote "4 Money" [Gouru Records]

14 Monoblok & PSLKTR "Damage Done" [Meant Records]

Recorded on : 20th October 2013