DDAA Danse Papou (Monoblok edit) | Free Download

DDAA Danse Papou (Monoblok edit) FREE DOWNLOAD


DDAA "Danse Papou (Monoblok edit)"

Label: unreleased

Release date: 27th October 2020

Coverart based on an original drawing by Hazel

Track info: This is an edit I have meant to do for ages but never quite managed to finish in a way that both got me satisfied while respecting the vibe and the 'craziness' of the original track. Then, after quite a lot of work and endless revisions I seem to have nailed it at last.

DDAA is a french indie experimental band that released their first material in 1979.

This particular track is a live version recorded at a venue called l'Ubu in Rennes (France) in 1983 and later distributed on tape. The original tape is really hard to find but you can still listen to it on youtube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=_jD5CBeGrWQ (contrary to what is indicated it is *not* from the "Live at Acapulco" release!)

The band is no longer active, but someone is still maintaining a bandcamp page here so if you are into experimental stuff this is a goldmine: ddaa.bandcamp.com

Hope you enjoy it!