Petroza Endoscopy EP feat. Monoblok remix [D&V002]


Petroza "Endoscopy (Monoblok Remix)"

Label: Dogs & Vultures

Release date: 1st October 2017

Release info: “Dogs & Vultures Records returns with its second reference, after its overwhelming Compilation Vol.1, and this time it is the producer Petroza, with the EP: Endoscopy. Petroza, about his person, very little it’s known, but well known is his style: raw, economic in the use of sounds, but never skeletal nor generic. Now, with many references of his productioes, comes this new work where he demonstrates, in a magical way, how he is able to drive his music with a firm hand, as if it were a rider who has perfectly blended with his ride.

The original track, homonymous to the title of the album, maintains an iron trend, in a route that leaves for the purpose of an extension, where the past conjures up to give meaning to a present where the important thing is not the nostalgia, but to continue dreaming with the future. The remix that FK Club does adds psychotropic and lysergic doses, with mysterious atmospheres, which make it a perfect trip, with brilliant ideas, executed with elegance, without losing a single apex along the way its percussive and melodic intensity. Killer remix.

The heterogeneous remix of Kike in Radar immerses us in a magic mixture, carried out with clinical precision, until unraveling, pulling the thread until solving the skein. while some emotional synthesizers generate a rapturous atmosphere to get us to disappear.

It follows the original track Agorophobia, a pendular theme, faithful testimony of its author, that oscillates of regular form between the nervous dance and the calm desert and mysterious. His own remix is ​​a demonstration of the capacity of records that has the German producer, who knows how to lead us in a narrative with a syntax of mixture so careful and rigorous that only comes loving this music.

The Monoblok track, dark, energetic and brilliant, with atmospheric electric guitars, powerful bass and percussion, always infectious and danceable, without belonging to any genre exclusively, while engaging the digital language in a dense analogue tapestry.

Finally, the remix of dj and producer of Marseille Did Virgo, wraps us in percussions that trap us and hypnotize us until you take us on a journey through galactic space, a fun and forceful journey, while deep and dark, that will make crunch every dancefloor that boasts.

It is true that these are little dreamy times, but Petroza, and the label that welcomes it: Dogs & Vultures Records, withstand defeat, with an electronic record that complies with honor, office and passion, to become a miraculous balm of which make them rejuvenate for two decades.

(Mastered by Cotton Bud)”