A1 Relapse
A2 Relapse (Rework remix)
B1 Walking Disaster
B2 Walking Disaster (Arnaud Rebotini remix)
DX1 Relapse (My Favorite Robot remix) [DIGITAL EXCLUSIVE]

Label: Meant Records

Release date: 12th January 2015 (vinyl) / 26th January 2015 (digital)

Release info: Monoblok & PSLKTR do their debut on Play Pal delivering a brilliant EP, formed of two original cuts, both equally strong. The title track, "Violence Assumee" features one of our favourite singers, Justine. She imparts a final touch of darkness to this insane cut, leaving you wishing you'd kept up your French lessons, whether you understand the lyric or not, you just love the track!

"Gorian Dray" will worm its way into your head, catchy guitars and vocal line sit on top of a relentless synth bass and thumping kick.

First up on remix duties is Curses, one of the best artists out there, who takes the original "Violence Assumee" and delivers what we thought impossible, making the track even more mental, retaining the darkness, beefing up the percussion and adding a drop that will turn any dancefloor upside down. A tried and tested winner.

Last but by no means least, our talented friend MontCosmik makes time from a hot production spell to bring a hefty retouch to "Gorian Dray", holding onto the soul of the track, but laying a fat synth line on top that makes the remix equally effective than the original but with a different flavour and explains perfectly why we also wanted to work with him.

Also, we'd like to announce that this year is the 5th anniversary of the label and there's something big coming up, we can't wait to share the news with you all, so stay tuned!