Monoblok feat. OHLF - Electro Wind Band

01 Windowlicker
02 Straighthead
03 The Sky Was Pink (James Holden remix)
04 Warped
05 Poney Part1

Label: Babaorum

Release date: 20th May 2013

Release info: The Electro Wind Band project originated from a strong will to refresh and upgrade the image of wind bands and put an end to assumptions and stereotypes about musical genres, while at the same time creating a connection between the supposedly irreconcilable and opposite worlds of electronic and classical music, and mixing their respective audiences.

Its creation dates back to 2007 when Hervé Brisse – director and conductor of the Orchestre d’Harmonie de Lille-Fives (OHLF) – started asking around for an electronic musician who would be willing to work with a 50 musician wind band, and was introduced to Monoblok by the organizers of Paysages Electroniques festival.

After several months of planning and collaborative work, Monoblok, Hervé Brisse, and music arranger Keith Braithwaite delivered an original and surprising live performance that has been generating a lot of enthusiasm every time it has been played since it was first performed as part of Un Monde en Fanfare festival.

From this growing success arose a will to share this musical experience with a greater audience, and the idea of a studio recording naturally made its way, until the label Babaorum Records attended one of the live performances and decided to produce the record.

The Electro Wind Band album was recorded in October 2012, and after some extensive mixing work, it was eventually released on 20th May 2013.

Musical arrangements: Yann Aubertot & Keith Braithwaite
Recording engineer: Frédéric Blanc-Garin
Mixing and mastering: Eric Bricout
Artwork and photography: Mathieu Colin
Costume Design: Capucine Desoomer