V.A. Suburbia [ODD04]

Monoblok "Rotoscope" on ODD Pleasures "Suburbia" label compilation

Track: Monoblok "Rotoscope (Original Mix)"

Label: ODD Pleasures

Release date: 8th July 2022

Release info: "Founded by the Berlin-based Chilean hermanos of the respected duo Random Atlas (SXDNS155/FREEDL024), ODD Pleasures finally delivers its electrifying second compilation. Entitled “Suburbia”, the VA encompasses many a spectrum of dark grooves spread throughout its eleven hand-picked cuts. Ducati Flux, JGR, A-Tweed (FREEDL222/FREEDL029), Aural Trace, Cosman, ROB-IIN, Oblako Maranta, Bojarchük, Monoblok (SXDNS204), iuan (FREEDL036), and Soulcat & Jan Esmaeili, artists hailing from different backgrounds and corners of the crazy world we live in, contributed with their respective and characteristic sonorities to the releases, resulting in a wealthy hotchpotch of soundscapes devoted to pleasing both the electro club-smasher lover and the immersive sonic traveller out there.

The high quality and plurality of the themes turned the mission of selecting only one to premiere into a tough one. A little deliberation was needed until we ultimately reached a verdict: Monoblok’s contribution, the chosen one, drew our attention due to its funky and playful conduct. The beautiful bassline topped with a mellow and dreamy pad plus the Kraftwerk-like synth layers left us without any trace of doubt we had picked one of the most significant tracks of the compilation and thus the right one.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label: oddpleasuresmusic.bandcamp.com"

source: Sexy Dinosaur From Outer Space