Heretic 44 Squadron EP w/ Monoblok & PSKTR remix [RR073]


Heretic "44 Squadron (Monoblok &PSLKTR Remix)"

Label: Relish Recordings

Release date: 15th August 2014

Release notes: "You might have noticed that we're rather big fans of Mr Timothy Clerkin round at Ransom Note towers. As has been evidenced on his mighty fine mixes for us as both one half of the Eskimo Twins and solo as Heretic.

"44 Squadron" is the new EP from Timothy for Robi Headman's Relish label including a Remix by Monoblok & PSLKTR! and we're premiering the whole EP including a full stream of the excellent title track.

The 3 originals are slightly rougher and noisier than previous Eskimo Twins releases but with that signature chug.

Heretic began life as a frivolous means of making some raucous club tracks, with themes about science and the refutation of all things religious running through them; hence the name. This quickly evolved into a fully-fledged side project as the pile of tracks kept getting higher and higher.

The remix comes from french duo Monoblok & PSLKTR. Two activists of the electronic scene from the north of France. They released 3 EPs on Meant Records.

The leitmotiv of the two artists is: ”The underground is what the politically correct devastates. Being able to make a step aside, daring to make what the times do not take in count.”