K Effect The Spy Return feat. Monoblok remix [SHMD006]

K Effect The Spy Return feat. Monoblok remix [SHMD006]


K-Effect "Let's Rock (Monoblok Remix)"

Label: Shara Music

Release date: 19th March 2018

Release info: “Sixth reference by Spanish artist K-Effect, with other two productions of cutting Chuggin´, where the energy of the artist is reflected in his impeccable technique and a recognizable sound from the first beat. The first cut that gives title to the Ep is a production that rides between disk and electro, creating an ode to the hidden pleasures of the dance floor, thanks to a vocal sexy and thorough arpeggios, which are mixed in an amalgam of small notes of piano creating a perfect atmosphere in this track.

This comes accompanied from the remixes of the Uruguayan Fernando Lagreca, which marks an electronic allegation intimate, maintaining the same rate of the original, edulcurando an elegant melody, key to the famous DX7. Adding unn sound more brilliant and persuasive to low combustion, capable of evoking the best sunset of a Balinese beach.

Moo Moonster Madrid, is responsible for signing the second remix of the track “Spy in Love”, extolling the part more discoid original. A remix where the forcefulness of the arpeggio, rides for all production, combined with worthy of the footballer Nile Rodgers-guitars, synthesizers similar flavor and cosmic pads in a fun and endless track, straight to the dance floor

The second track called “Let´s rock” continuous English sound more slow, where great guitar riffs, go hand in hand together with other more industrial and raw, in a powerful essay flavored, perfectly balanced, inside that tunnel where echoes the EBM brighter.

This features the remix of the French artist Yann Aubertot a.k.a. Monoblok, creating a piece with a dark, energetic and bright sound with atmospheric where electric guitars with spaces and worthy of the great sound post punt cadences, fill a remix palpable feeling worthy of Gothic cinema. An exquisite production to close with a flourish Ep.”